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Live ... blogging? What is this "live blogging" you speak of?

Friday, March 16, 2007
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You know, I haven't done a liveblogging of a game since, if I recall, last year's Western Conference Finals, when on a whim I decided to liveblog the last game that the Anaheim Ducks and the Edmonton Oilers played before the Oil headed off to the Stanley Cup Finals!

So, I figure ... Hell, why not now, right? I'm not sick anymore, I have a nice comfy living room to crash in, and a giant TV to oogle while writing. Let's see if I can't do something worthwhile.

Go easy on me and my piddly liveblogging skills, folks. I bruise like a peach!

==10:20 PM EST (pre-game show)==
Man ... the behind the scenes of the Joe Thornton commercial is really amusing me. Who knew the nuances of screwing up toast were so complex?

==10:35 PM EST (commercials)==
Oh, Hitch ... to see you have to do Haydacy Automotive commercials ... it's so painful. In fact, seeing any Jackets' player do those commercials is more painful than even the worst loss.

==10:38 PM EST==
Oh, God, what the Hell! It's like the camera is all washed out! ::Gouges eyes.:: The ice seems so ... off-white. The picture itself at the HP Pavilion seems extremely weird.

==10:41 PM EST (17:12 (1st) remaining)==
Jeff Rimer
referred to the Jackets as the Panthers when talking about Doug MacLean. I wonder if anyone would ever consider tracking how often Rimer calls the Jackets the Panthers over a full season, starting next season.

==10:46 PM EST (14:07 (1st) remaining)==
Man, what a close call. And what a load of bunk that that Sharks player knocked the net out of its moorings when there was such a perfect opportunity for a shorthanded attempt. But alas, it's obvious that it wasn't intentional, and was simply a slip of the skates.

==10:53 PM EST (10:31 (1st) remaining)==
Watching as Svitov flubbed the pass by Vyborny, I get the feeling that is what I was concerned about when he was back with the top line for a few games. True, Veeb's pass could have been more on the tape, but he already did more than enough zipping the puck through a crowd from east to west in front of the net.

==10:58 PM EST (7:30 (1st) remaining)==
2 for 2 on the penalty kill against the #1 power play. So far, so good. I like what I've seen from Vyborny on the PK while manning the point during it.

==11:05 PM EST (3:02 (1st) remaining)==
Ugh. What a total letdown when it comes to covering your man. Tollefsen just didn't have the speed to keep up with Thornton, and that much was evident by the way he tried to catch him. What a mismatch.

1-0 Sharks.

==11:15 PM EST (1st intermission)==
I don't really understand the fire and pitchforks that I seem to see from certain regions of the Blue Jackets' fanbase which want Anders Eriksson off the team faster than a Road Runner on speed. He's one of just a few defensemen with a positive +/- standing, even considering his low point output. He's a UFA at the end of the year, and I know I wouldn't mind seeing him return. In fact, I'd be all for it. True, he doesn't score, and he isn't as speedy as some of the younger blue line. But he actually knows how to play D, which says a lot for this team.

==11:29 PM EST (18:10 (2nd) remaining)==
Holy crap! What a save! No, I mean, what a pair of saves! Norrena deserves all the credit in the world for both of those!

... !*&@ ... another penalty on the Jackets. Damnit, Methot.

==11:34 PM EST (16:10 (2nd) remaining)==
, you twit. Way to go hacking at Norrena. You deserved a lot more than just a minor scrum and then a penalty.

... argh! Fedorov! I know you were being pressured a little from behind, but that was such a gaping wide open net on the odd man rush! You need to put those away! That could've been the tie-breaker!

Incidentally, the clock apparently is malfunctioning. So it's hard to give any definitive time in the game at the moment until it's fixed.

==11:49 PM EST (7:04 (2nd) remaining)==
Well, the Jackets are trying hard, but right now it doesn't seem like it's enough. Give Aaron Johnson credit for playing as hard as possible, and there's been a couple prime opportunities for the team so far. They've continued to play a moderately strong penalty kill, so give them credit for fending off the best PP unit in the league so far.

They just need to score, is all. Toskala is just back from injury ... take advantage of any shakiness.

==11:53 PM EST (5:45 (2nd) remaining)==
Penalty on the Sharks for a trip on Shelley. The Sharks didn't seem too happy about it, and the penalty did look a bit shaky. Then again, Shelley doesn't seem the type to intentionally klutz around on his skates to draw anything. Then again, maybe that pugilistic demeanor is all a clever ruse! Oh my!

==12:00 AM EST (1:39 (2nd) remaining)==
Man, just this team's luck that they're somehow dominating on the shot co--

... fucking fucking fuck. What a horrible, horrible goal to give up by Norrena. Even factoring in his stupendously amazing, miracle saves earlier ... what a horrid goal to give up. How could you give up such a wretched goal?

Sigh. 2-0 Sharks.

==12:06 AM EST (2nd intermission)==
Man, Johnson seems to always be on lightning in a bottle whenever he's interviewed.

==12:21 AM EST (18:22 (3rd) remaining)==
I can't help but be unable to shake the feeling that the bad goal against the Jackets at the end of the last period deflated the team a little too much. I hope it's just me being excessively pessimistic.

==12:35 AM EST (9:50 (3rd) remaining)==
Tic ... toc ... tic ... toc ... closer we come to the shutout record clock.

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  • At 2:02 AM, Anonymous nancy said…

    I watched the game on Center Ice, so I got the Cali edition of the game. As a result, I missed Hitch's automotive advertising debut. Anyway, the Jacket's PK seems to be better, but who do we have to kill to get some offense?

    Nice sake set, btw.

  • At 2:47 PM, Blogger Bethany said…

    I am glad you live blogged....I just didn't have it in me haha...good job....too bad we couldn't score.

  • At 8:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I think we have the same TV. I like your style :-)

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